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Welcome to the site, The Mr. Scoundrel Zone.
Posted on June 23rd, 2008

Posted On June 23rd, 2008

The Scoundrel is=

Hello everyone and welcome to my new site, Mr. Scoundrel Zone. In this site you will find knowledge about movies, music, video games, comics, books, the night in life here in Chicago, this is a new site that will give you the effect over the all out look on life and society. I will try to bring all the sides of common emotions that we all go through. I hope you like the site and I will update it as much as I can, Once again, Thanks!! ;).

Video I took downtown while at a bar. People are riding bikes in their underwear. I guess they were doing it for some kind of awareness. Lol

Enjoy! ;)~

Posted on June 24th 2008.

So Long George Carlin. Famous Comedian, George Carlin dead at the age of 71.

Posted on June 25th 2008.

Is this the ending for us as we know it?

With so many things going wrong with the world right now, people are begining to see that life hasn't been going so good for them for awhile. With the Iraq War, Afganistan War, High Oil Prices, Bad Economy. People here in United States are feeling our country is being taken away from us, all the things we loved. We showed compassion for anyone who has ever come here to this country but our government is controlling us, by taking our freedoms away. Saying that we're the whole cause for Global Warming and Al Gore came out with that Documentry but think of this, While he's telling you conserve enegry by not driving, try to walk or bike ride more, Using less heaters in the winter and less Air conditionars in the summer, he's writting this down in his big rich mansion typing, sitting there comfortable while his house takes up as has much enegry that can run up too 100 Family households. I don't think we are just the cause for global warming, I believe it's nature trying to adjust itself for a new begining. We always go through cycles here on this planet and it's time for a better way of thinking. A higher understanding of each other so we can become better people and have peace again on this planet. Once we do that, we must stop what is about to come and it very well could be the end for this planet

Posted on: June 26th, 2008.

I am still getting the site up and running, I've made a promo video for the site. Check it out!! :)

Posted on: June 27th, 2008.

With all this talk about the problems in America right now, We need to pick the president that will lead and give us our country back again. Before you vote for Senator Barack Obama, please take this 'time' and watch this video on radio talk show host, Mark Levine. He will tell you what you need to do in these troubling times.

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