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Monday, June 23, 2008 The senses of knowing human behavior. Category: Dreams and the Supernatural Did you ever have that feeling, that somehow you had the sense of knowing things before they happen? Like a sudden gesture of a person that you don't know but you know what they were exactly about to do? I know it sounds like gibberish, but people who are more connected with life and how the world really works, they begin to pick up these abilites. It's like almost saying that a person is physcic and knows things before they happen and explains it into great detail but what I'm talking about is an intutitive. Not exactly a physcic. They pick up on things before they happen based on a number of things. Including, Common Sense, awareness of their surroundings, and basic understanding that even though people seem to be nice from the outside. The intutitive looks deep within their soul, the way they do this is by eye contact. You can automatically know if something is wrong with the person that you are socializing with. Sometimes its not always bad. For instance, a person who is hurt, when you look at them you see the pain in their eyes. You see the hurt they went through in life and that makes the person less likeable because, they usually don't open up to you, or they talk weird, for what you're not used to hearing, or they don't know how to handle a conversation. It doesn't mean that they are bad person, it just means they have been hurt so many times that they don't know how to talk to anyone anymore. Sometimes though that is not always the case. Sometimes they might be hiding something deep within themselves and their afraid if they speak one sentence it will just blurt out. Then there are people who have been abused constantly their whole lives. Mocked, Made fun of, beat up, harrassed. This usually happens because the person is usually like a nerd type quailty, and people who don't understand what they do or learn at school make fun of them, Because they want to make themselves feel better not by acting smart but by acting tough and saying that they'll beat them up or that girl will never like a loser like you, geek! Those are usually the very good kids at heart but when people bring them down they lose all hope. Just like with columbine and all these other school shootings. Because in their mind, their not doing anything wrong. They do good in school, the teachers all like them. It just comes to jealously. Then there are the people who worked hard their whole lives and struggled but somehow always made it, with no help from others. These people die young, they age quick, they usually smoke. Because they have worked their whole life not knowing what else the world has for them. These are some of the main types of personalities people evolve into. That's why I say before you start to trust anyone again. No matter what type of personality you have, always remember that you can change yourself because you are your own person and that you, no matter how hard you try, can't change them.